Blast – Damned Flame (1974)

This predates Discharge by 3 years, and that is undeniably a D-beat. Vocals are certainly more pea soup green / nauseating 70s color schemes / hippie “psychedelic-hard rock,” but those ripping drums / bass / guitar with Jacob Bannon barking over them would be indistinguishable from hardcore produced two or three decades later. Will be fascinating to see if anything else arises out of the mists of time as an even earlier example of a D-beat… prehistoric circle pits? Yabba-Gabba-Hey.

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It predates Discharge by 3 years, perhaps, but this is a recording from 1972, it just wasn’t released initially. Factor in that Discharge did not use the D beat until Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, and the time difference becomes almost ten years!
Another thing, the vocals obviously mimic Iggy Pop/Stooges.

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