Frank Sinatra – "This Town" (1967)

Can’t say I’ve ever been very interested in Sinatra’s music, but man, this is some dense, rich big band jazz bombast right here. I love that despite the extremely bright music, the lyrics paint a conflicted image. If I were to use food terminology to describe this song, I’d use the terms “hearty” and “filling.” One question I have that hopefully my loyal readership (consisting of me and a couple thousand spam bots) can answer, is what’s that interesting synthy harpsichord-sounding instrument you first hear at 0:01? I give it 15 years max until a computer program can read this blog entry, understand it, and produce a rebuttal more insightful than anything ever posted here — that’s gonna be a tall order though, there’s a whole lot of esoteric in-joke wankery herein. They’re gonna need to download the latest wankery module. Can someone give me a job?